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Offering: Kayak Rentals and Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Rentals on the River in Bend with Delivery

We have been sending campers, families, travelers and locals taking a break to the lakes for full and half day kayak and stand up paddleboard (or SUP) rentals for the last few years now. As our awesome rental customers know, we provide everything needed to head up for the day, or a couple of days to explore the Cascade Lakes from Sparks to Hosmer to Devils Lake and beyond.

We also offer riverside rentals in Bend through our dock delivery program! We do deliveries to the park with a dock just across from Drake Park on Mirror Pond and will also soon deliver to Brooks Park and riverside vacation rentals in Bend by appointment.

Our super easy online booking system now has the Drake Park (its actually a green strip called Pageant Park) option listed every 15 minutes to half an hour for you to choose the delivery time of your choice. We recommend heading downtown and parking close to where you want to have a brew, walking across the bridge to the little dock where we will be with your rentals, and then heading upstream in the slow moving water to see Bend from a different perspective and get away from the crowds.

The best part of this portion of the river is that you will paddle in an area below where the tubes are going and have it largely to yourself! (Insider tip: If you book morning to lunch the tubes wont even be on the water yet.)

Thanks so much for renting your paddleboards and kayaks from us over the years. We are so grateful to each and every customer who chooses to rent kayak and paddleboards, and we are still offering full day and half day rentals by appointment. You can book your rental online up to 30 minutes before your pickup time as long as we have availability to give us a heads up and have your gear ready. If you find yourself in the park wanting something sooner, call 541-241-6263 and we will do our best to accommodate you.

As always, can't wait to get you out on the water. See you soon and keep paddling!

Bend Kayak School (and Rentals)

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