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Emerging Kayaker Series


A learning experience with others who want to progress together.



Sunday Focused Skills Classes, with Consistent Peer Group and Tuesday Night Paddles (Tuesdays following each class) to practice the skills that you learned.

This is not a class, it is an Academy. 

We will make you a lifetime addict and a river lover. Your spouse will hate us for introducing you to your new love affair... We all love to share our passions... Better bring him or her along!

-Organized Paddle Meetups and Social Events

-First Option to Join Our International Trip

-Rolling Techniques, Precision Eddy Turns/Beginning Surfing


-Surfing Development and  Precision Eddy Hopping

-Ferrying and Navigating Currents

-Kayaking Group Communication on the River, and Safety Skills for Group Management.


-Stepping up the Game Paddling

Join The

Whitewater Academy

We put an Emphasis on teaching you to be proficient in river running skills like safety and risk management while providing a fun environment with other learners.

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