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Cascade Lakes May Kayak and Paddleboard Update

The Cascade Lakes Highway is open and beautiful! Well Worth the drive, and everything past Hosmer Lake is open and accessible to paddleboarding or kayaking.

This morning I did a trip up the Cascades Lakes Highway to check on the Status of the Lakes. The drive alone is beautiful!

First, as I came around the corner to Dutchman Flats and the view of the Highway, the mountains rose up and stunned me with their snow covered mantles. Even before I hit a Cascade Lake I had to stop and take a picture.

I was up there a couple of days before, but every time the mountains change. The rocky ridges sticking out make amazing views for paddling.

This is my favorite time of year to get into the Cascades.

All of the Cascade Lakes from Lava Lake Down are Clear to Kayak

Are the Cascade Lakes clear to paddle?

Well, everything from Lava Lake down is.

Lava Lake and Little Lava Lake have breathtaking views from a Kayak or Paddleboard. Right not Little Lava is small since it hasn't filled up from snow melt, but it would still be a nice outing. Lava Lake itself I thought was perfect for an early morning paddle.

Cultus Lake is Totally Clear and Quiet in May!

Cultus Lake was the next stop.

Last Week Cultus was accessible with some snow to get around, but this morning it was completely clear and peaceful!

Cultus River is a pretty creek that winds along the road as you drive in to the boat ramp area, and the Lake itself is a beautiful color.

Cultus Lake was gorgeous for a sunset paddle a few days ago, as well!

Wickiup Reservoir: Next Stop Down South Century Drive

Wickiup can be busy in the summer, and late summer can be full of algae after having sat in the sun for months.

This morning, there were 2 cars parked and the morning was warmer than in Bend an hour later after I got home.

I had already paddled, so this was a drive by and checkin but I was impressed with how peaceful it turned out to be. Cultus will be on my list for a kayak or standup paddleboard excursion in the near future!

Deschutes River Across from South Twin Lake below Wickiup Reservoir

South Twin Lake was low and not as impressive for views at least at this level, but just across the road was the arm of the Deschutes River as it backs up into Wickiup Reservoir. There are pullouts along the road with easy access to the water. This is where I would put in for a paddleboarding adventure! The views are amazing, and the water meanders and winds along until it officially becomes what is called Wickiup Reservoir. I love these kind of changing waterways with just a little something around each corner.

And That Ended My Morning Cascade Lakes May Exploration!

Driving Back, I wound through Three Rivers and took Vandervert Rd. back out to Highway 97 for a more direct line back into Bend to work and enjoy the day getting paddlers on the river in town with our River Delivery program to Mirror Pond.

The Lakes are calling! It is time to get out and enjoy those Full Day Kayak or Paddleboard Adventures!

We can load you up with straps, PFDS, padding for you cartops and give you beta on the best places to go depending on the time of year.

Book Online or Call us! Happy Paddling :)

Bend Kayak School and Rentals😊

(541) 241-6263


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