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Whitewater Kayaking Lessons in our Hot Bend Summer (the best!)

Our whitewater kayaking lessons have been going in full Swing, and the weather could not be better for them!

It is always so interesting to see who we have come through and where they come from. The favorite part of what we do is the people who keep coming back, and bring their family and friends.

This week we taught a retired schoolteacher who is the mother of a student from the Spring. Her and her son are planning their own (mellower) whitewater kayaking adventures and she is determined to keep her 'edge' in life. It was one of the funnest lessons ever, because of how much fun she had and the joy that she showed, and how incredibly fast she picked up the concepts at 62!

We continue to get people out on the water from all over the world, Africa to Isreal to Australia and all over the states, but we are also having more and more locals join us on the water. Creating a fun and supportive community is part of our passion so this is super fun to see.

And, we have more plans for international trips and other rivers around Oregon to get whitewater kayakers out on as they progress over the coming year.

Thank you so much to everyone who has ever joined us! This has been an adventure unlike others I have embarked on and the most amazing part is all of the wonderful people that we get to meet and teach along the way.

If you are looking for whitewater kayaking instruction in Bend, Oregon, hit us up and join our community! Instruction is what we specialize in, and we love what we do!

See you on the river,

Bend Kayak School

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