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Evening Kayak and Paddle Board Rentals in Bend: Paddling Hosmer Lake after Work

The weather is hot, and the water is calling... but you are at work all day. Skies are blue, beaches are full, water is cool... What to do?

Bend Kayak School is introducing an Evening Pickup Rental program. From 5:30 to 6:30 (with an appointment) you can pick up a kayak or Paddle Board (or both if you can't agree on what to do) and head up to the lake to enjoy the evening and next day. We can meet you the next morning or any time with in 24 hours to drop off your gear. Quick overnight camping trip? We've got you.... evening and early morning paddle marathon before work? You're covered.

Last night my son and I headed up to Hosmer at about 5:30. We arrived after the crowds had left, paddled in the heat that we are enjoying these evenings, stopped by a campground to visit with some friends, and were home by 10 and ready to work this morning. It made our day beautiful, and honestly was more relaxing than fighting the midday crowds. We then did an hour paddle in the afternoon in town. It's like 2 rental days in one.

How to Plan: When the wind kicks up or the sun goes down, the weather can change quickly. I have been out for longer than I planned at times, so planning ahead is part of any outing for us (especially one that begins in the evening).

Make sure to have shoes on your watercraft. If you want to explore or end up needing to walk for some reason, you will be glad that you do!

Bring a (non-cotton) sweater! When the chill hits an evening can stay enjoyable or become a bad experience. Our evening was hot until we left, but I felt better knowing that we had a fleece and wind layer. Ending on a good note is key to wanting your companions wanting to return for the next adventure. If someone ends up in the water and the weather suddenly cools, that fleece will make the difference for everyone between happy and not. (Make sure that your layers do not contain any cotton as when cotton gets wet it sucks heat from your body, accelerating chill rather than preventing it.)

Bring snacks and water. I hungry or thirsty kid or partner is grumpy and unable to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Better to have that Clif Bar or hummus and eat it on the way back then to be dealing with a hungry paddler. Paddling requires more energy than you would think, so fueling your body can be key to having a great evening.

Bring a light source. Just like all of the other planning, if somehow you end up out for longer than you plan on, having a light can make the difference between an easy paddle back to the ramp, or a paddle that makes people feel nervous. Our days are longer, but adventures don't always go as planned, and I like to be leisurely in my activities without feeling nervous about darkness coming earlier than I planned.

Here are some pictures of our evening at Hosmer, what a great way to spend an evening.

We saw a Blue Heron, fish, deer, baby ducks feeding in the reeds... Way better than doing laundry! You can always throw in that load when you return and let it churn while your head is on the pillow dreaming of another lake evening...

Happy Paddling!

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