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Come and join us for a 4 day Day Camp for kids 12-16. These are beginner and intermediate workshops that will start with the basics of paddling knowledge, through games while creating a fun and engaging learning environment. 

We will start with gear knowledge and reviewing the basics - like how to hold a paddle, and how to get in and out of a boat safely and comfortably.

The next day we will meet and get geared up for practicing drills while going downstream, pulling in behind rocks and river features in mild current. 

Our third day we will practice our turns and strokes in a little more aggressive current, also practicing releasing ourselves from our boats and swimming in current so that we can start to become competent river people. The more that we can practice being in current, the more comfortable we will feel running rivers.

Day 4 we will  practice our new skills while experiencing the excitement of getting to know Oregon from an entirely new perspective. Open cockpit boats will be available for any kids not ready to navigate the challenges of whitewater kayaks. We will have a great time!

Our intermediate group will be practicing more aggressive ferrying, eddy turns and self rescue techniques with more sophisticated strokes and braces. The kids all have a great time modeling building camaraderie while building on their skills. 

All of the kids will have the opportunity to blog about their classes on our webpage blog....So stay posted for narrations of our adventure...

Learn to ferry, swim rapids, watch for obstacles, have fun in a kayak!   Monday-Thursday                                                                                                              
We will get splashed, swim, sunbathe, eat and laugh every day of the week!
Classes include all gear except mandatory neoprene booties, available as an add on when you register....
Cost: $199.00 $299.00 Kayaker

Bring: Towel, swimsuit, layers that can get wet, sunscreen, water, lunch and snacks, sunglasses with a strap, and comfy dry clothes for on the way back

Level 1/2 with Floats and Light Splashes

Dates: June 19-22, Weekly Availability with Minimum Numbers


Level 2/3 with More Rapids and Waves!
Dates: Contact Us to Put Your child in the right class 





Save Your Spot!

Call to Reserve with Deposit

Bend Kayak School Summer Camp

August 1-4 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM     $400.00 4 Days

       9:30 AM - 1:00 PM     $299.00


Early Bird All Day Camp Price

An All day Water Camp that covers hydrology, river safety skills and, of course, paddling!

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