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kayak and SUP


-$39 2 Hour Rates Singles     -$65 2 Hour Rates Tandem Kayaks        

$58 Full Day Single Kayaks or 60 Paddleboards and $90 Tandem Kayaks 




Are you located on the water?

We are Mobile and Deliver to the Water and to the Curb Downtown for All Day Rentals!


We Meet Curbside to Load You... Fast and Convenient

We are mobile and meet full day clients on Harmon Rd. near the intersection with Nashville (one block from downtown) and on the way to the Cascades Lakes, or to the dock by the footbridge in Drake Park (691 NW Drake Rd.). We offer better rates on Multi-day rentals for you to take your gear and enjoy it as well as dock side delivery by appointment so you don't have a long wait (unless we are booked out we can deliver within 15 minutes)!


We always offer tips on where to go and will show you how to strap your gear down!

Where do I Pick Up my rentals?

- We will deliver to you along the river in town, or curbside in the downtown area if you are self transporting.


- Select "2 Hour with Delivery" on the Booking Page for Dockside deliveries, or "Full Day" or "Half Day" Options for Self Transporting. 

If online booking is no longer available at your preferred time then:

Chat in or Call (541) 241-6263 or to get last minute Full Day or Dock deliveries, we can usually meet you within minutes.


- Custom options for Drop off for multi unit rentals are possible based on availability so feel free to call if your request is unusual!

We Deliver  2 Hour Rentals Currently to the dock by the footbridge in Drake Park. It is below the Whitewater Park and on Mirror Pond.


For Self Transporting options we will be within five minutes of the river downtown and coordinate by text for loading your gear. You will need to meet us where we are, but our customers love this option as it is quick and easy!

All of the information that you need, as well as a link to your online waivers, will be in the confirmation email that you will receive after checkout.

What is included with  my rentals?

Your rental includes: Paddle, Flotation Vest, Kayak or Board, straps for your car top, padding for your car top, and lot's of help with knowing where to go and how to load!

For Paddle Boards: We include a hand pump and an electric pump if you decide to roll up the SUP. Most of the time, we can just pad the top of your car though.

Do I need a Car Rack?

Do I need a Car Rack?

Nope! We provide straps, padding for your car top and help with knowing how to strap the rentals on.

Our paddleboards are inflatable and can be stacked or, if needed, rolled up for transport. We have electric and hand pumps available to send with you if you need to deflate them.

What is the type and weight capacity on your Kayaks and SUPs?

- Jackson Riviera Single Kayaks hold about 350 pounds, there is a platform for a child, dog or cooler.

- We have two 10 foot kayaks that are easier to manage for loading and unloading for a single person if you would like, they are the cockpit style.

In the "comments" of your reservation just ask for a 10 foot cockpit style kayak and we will bring the right one for you.

- Our boards are high Quality Kialoa Paddle Boards.


12' 6" Paddle Boards hold about 325, if you feel unstable you can always paddle on your knees until you feel comfortable.

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