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Whitewater Kayak Fun Coming Soon... Classes Online

We had such a great year last year...

Because of you!!!!! Thank you to the SUPers, the Kayakers, the new Whitewater Shredders, The people who came from New York and Portland for Lodging Packages, the ones that popped in to say Hi! and check us out. It was a really remarkable year. We were tired, and stoked and now we can't wait to see you again.

We know that you are wanting to shred the river, whether it is to go to the Whitewater Park or to do your first International trip with some other boaters. We are going to have it all for you and be by your side as you learn with meetups, tips and good old moral support!

We have ongoing Summer Courses that you can save your spot in for a small deposit. Come on out and join us! It is going to be a great year!

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