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Kayak Rentals in Bend, Oregon at Bend Kayak School: Crazy Fun and Room for Your Child (or Where to R

Sparks Lake, Hosmer Lake, Cultus... The Cascades Highway is full of opportunities for paddling.

Visiting Bend is such a great way to get out and kayak, stand up paddle board, and enjoy the outdoors. The options can be overwhelming though. Where to go for gear? What is the difference? If you want to enjoy paddling into the evening, how do you enjoy your Kayak or Paddle Board Rentals without being rushed?

Bend Kayak School has Kayaks to rent that are designed and made in the US by JACKSON, a fishing and whitewater kayak company that has been on the cutting edge of design for well over a decade.

All of that experience with boats that have to be maneuverable in extreme circumstances means that the Flatwater ( Lake) Kayaks that they design are also responsive, and maneuverable.

Last weekend we took a kayak to the class II run on the Lower Deschutes and paddled into eddies, through splashy waves, and on flatwater, Through the entire day these kayaks were stable, and comfortable.

We love these Kayaks!

Where to rent a Kayak in Bend? Try coming by Bend Kayak School at 130 SW Centurry Drive, Bend, Oregon, 97702 and giving the Rivieras a try. Every kayak rental raises money to donate towards a local nonprofit for families in need, and we have some of the highest quality rentals, PFDs, etc. available in the Bend area to rent. Also, we let you keep the kayaks that you rented overnight, to enjoy our beautiful Central Oregon evenings and relax in the way that you need to on your Central Oregon Vacation!

Happy Paddling !

Bend Kayak

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