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Cool Water on Hot Days at Sparks Lake with Kayak Rentals and SUP (Paddle Board) Rentals and Friends

It’s here, ladies and gentlemen. The moment we’ve all been waiting for… It’s peak summer season in Central Oregon!

This winter’s nearly record-breaking amount of precipitation seems more and more like a distant memory as we approach nearly 2 months of uninterrupted sunshine here in Bend! And with little more than a passing solitary cloud in the forecast, there has never been a better time to plan a river excursion or lakeside adventure!

Easily the best thing about Bend is the incredible contrast between its climate and landscape, particularly during these summer months. Like clockwork, the summer days in the high desert are hot and dry. And yet, with the tranquil Deschutes winding its way through town and dozens of pristine freshwater lakes a short drive away, there never seems to be a lack of fresh water fun and opportunity. Throw a few prominent snowcapped volcanoes in the background, and it’s all but impossible to deny the insurmountable beauty and diversity of this wonderful place.

Weekends on the water are always highly anticipated for those of us fortunate enough to call Bend home. What makes days like these even better is when you get the opportunity to play host to a gang of friends from near and far, many of whom have never experienced Central Oregon in all its glory! With friends visiting from Minnesota, Vermont, North Carolina, and even Australia, we set out in search of some relaxation, cool water, and good times.

As it turns out, and in typical Central Oregon fashion, all those things were pretty easy to find...

So whether you’re looking to kayak, paddle, swim, fish, float or just chain up with some old friends and a few adult sodas, Central Oregon can accommodate.

Adventure is out there my friends. We’ll see you on the water!

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