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Australians, Paddling and Beer in Bend, Oregon

Travelers, rivers, Deschutes Brewery beer and fun... there isn't really anything bad to say about teaching travelers coming to Bend how to Kayak.

My favorite part of of operating a small kayak instruction business and working with small class sizes and custom tours is being able to meet interesting people who love to learn and challenge themselves.

Stu and Felicity, two adventurers from Australia who had spent a couple of years living and working in the US, booked a custom week of Paddle Boarding, Whitewater Kayak Instruction, Deschutes Brewery Tours and Pub Experiences, and 4th of July fun last winter. Months after the actual booking of the trip, they came to Bend and enjoyed our town on their tour of the Western Hemisphere that included a trip to Machu Pichu... and a week in Bend with Bend Kayak School.

Between dinners, tours and paddling, getting to know this couple became an exchange of ideas and swap of skills to navigate international clients in a small world. (Bend Kayak School is finally on Instagram because Stu and I sat down and with his prompting I finally finished setting up the account that I had barely started on two years ago!)

After years of guiding large groups down Big Eddy with Sun Country Tours, as well as guiding in other places, the personal connection that we are able to offer to our clients at Bend Kayak School - as well as the friendships that develop from that connection is so fun and refreshing.

Authenticity, creating more of it, inviting it, opening to it through paddling and rivers.

When was the last time that you got out on the water?

- Bend Kayak School

For Classes Click Here or Call (541) 241-6263

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