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Where to Stand Up Paddle Board Around Bend? Above Dillon Falls is Beautiful and Challenging

So... You have SUPed in town a bunch, been to the lakes a ton, and are looking for more of a challenge while enjoying the nature that is all around Bend.

There is a stretch of the Deschutes right above town that is beautiful, will challenge you while paddling upstream, and has birds and other wildlife to enjoy.

How Far, you ask? Only about 15 minutes from the West side of Bend.

Disclaimer: This put in is above a gnarly waterfall. There is plenty of clearance for paddlers feeling comfortable and proficient, but if this is your first time on a board and you are not sure if you can paddle straight, or navigate working up current, save this one for after more experience and some lessons!

If you are dreaming of what paddling will look like in your future, or if you are already comfortable on a Paddle Board, Read On!

The putin to this magical section of river is right above Dillon Falls. Heading up towards Mt. Bachelor, turn Left when you see the brown Forest Service sign that states: Deschutes River Trail. If you have not yet explored this area, short hikes along waterfalls and river are treats that are waiting for you, and this will not be your last visit to the area.

After turning Left (make sure that you have your parking permit with you) drive back until you see the turn off for Dillon Falls. At the back of the dirt road, when you reach the river, you will come to a small cement boat launch. This is where you will begin.

Putting in here, be aware... Your first direction will be UPSTREAM. Downstream, almost directly, is the falls that you DO NOT Want to accidentally go down. But go upstream, and you will find a section of river that meanders past a grassland meadow, lava flows, and on a clear day will give you a view of Mt. Bachelor! (There is a hiking trail that also follows the river upstream, so if you decide this is not for you, you can also just go on a nice walk. )

To Rent a Paddle Board: Click Here

To Get your parking permits: Click Here

Happy Paddling!

Bend Kayak

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