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Kayak and Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals on Century Drive in Bend: Open for Business

Last weekend we moved our gear back into 130 SW Century Drive, the same location where we had kayaks last summer for rent. They are available for rent again, starting from 8 am by online booking or calls or for drop ins from 11 to 5.

Before we officially opened, it was great to have some PPP folks loading up boats and taking them to the river to be part of the festivities. One of the teams made 4th in their category, woohoo!

Making new friends is what boating should be about, and it was awesome to start bringing smiling faces through the shop.

Thanks to Craig and Will, friends who helped tremendously to get our boats and SUPs unloaded, scraped stickers off of windows, vacuumed, and lent their company while we set up shop. Nothing great can be done in this world without friends by your side!

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