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Crazy Goals... Like Donating $1,000's to Families in Need... Only Happen with Help.

Stand Up Paddling... It is fun, and a great way to get outside, destress, laugh with friends... All of these things are needed! What many of us crave also, though, is a deeper meaning, connection... a way to give back. Here at Bend Kayak School, we are trying to figure out how to make fun, exercise, fresh air, giving back, connection, and purpose all come from the same goals. There are only 24 hours in each day, the trick seems to be combining, and maximizing, our efforts. We need your help! Our new program, Stand Up Paddle and Brewery Tours, is a great way to get Bendites and their tourist friends out on the water and enjoying everything that Bend has to offer. But, that alone isn't enough to make it, inspired, through a long summer season. Therefore we are donating 10 dollars per client to the Family Access Network. This, along with the portion of our rental program that we have pledged to donate, gives us the potential to donate a significant amount of money to pay for local families electricity, buy a medication, donate a new pair of shoes, all of the things that FAN makes happen all year round for families in the school system. And, we can't do it alone. We need your help to get the word out. How many people do you know visiting Bend this summer? Who can you forward this to so they can make a donation on its own or through their vacation activities? We have decided to fundraise in place of a marketing budget, and to use our marketing budget to give back to our community. Will you help us? Forward, Like, Share. And, if you don't have family visiting, consider calling the Family Access Network and donating 10 dollars to the Grassroots organization. A family, a child, will thank you. Then bring your receipt to us and we will give you a credit towards any skills class this summer. Thank you! Happy Paddling :)

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