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What does a Unicorn and a Whitewater Kayak Have in Common?

Summer days are hot and the most amazing place to be is on the river. In the summer months you may see a magical unicorn creature, like we did last Saturday, flying like a drunk mystical fairy through the Floater's Channel of the Whitewater Park. As unicorns, tubers, the occasional palm tree touting island make their lurching way through (sometimes more intimately acquainted with the water than they planned on as their bouncy steeds were flipped in the playful drops) you may also see that exotic creature known as the Beginner Kayaker. We are super stoked that the Floaters channel has been improved enough for all of these floating marvels to enjoy the aquatic environment.

Last weekend we had a booth at the Subaru Games and met some of you who are signing up for Beginner classes, and we also had a Ladies Beginner Whitewater Kayak Class going with our instructor Will ( who graciously offered to wear pigtails to be an honorary member). They joined the ranks of floaters of all types and made a maiden voyage through the small drops with their own flips and turns as they learned to navigate the river. It was super fun!

The water was refreshingly cold in the summer heat, and for the first time this year we ran the class without the need for dry tops to keep everyone warm in our cold Oregon water. It felt like an initiation into summer, and we are looking forward to more hot days, refreshing cold rivers, ongoing meetups with our crew of emerging kayakers, and the occassional unicorn to remind us that we are all magical beings making our way like any good mystical creature through river environs that we could not, without our unicorns or kayaks, enjoy in quite the same way!

See you on the water!

Bend Kayak School

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