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"There is a place in the Northeastern tip of India, where the bow is still used and the spirits of the Earth are sacred. Join us on a rafting and trekking trip with the opportunity to fish the mystical Golden Mahseer in the Winter of 2017, become familiar with why this place is so special and how you can help to save it."

Here the tribes descend from deep in Asia, a different people from the rest of India, a different world; it is Arunachal Pradesh, closed off from the world until a decade ago, restricted in access to this day. 


The Subansiri River roars and glides from the depths of the Himalaya. This sacred river, in imminent danger of being dammed with the people that live by it moved, their culture wiped away, will share with us its secrets. We will float this valley and as peer into its depths, fish a local fish (catch and release as only locals may eat it), camp on beautiful beaches... visit villagers along the way as we get to know its people... and make friends along the way, as the river bonds us to each other as no other place can.


At the end of our run we will raft around the dam that has been built... built and halted by activism from the people who will be impacted downstream. We will pass villages that are soon to be underwater (unless the dam is permanently halted), the people already moved from their homes. 


This may be the last chance to see this valley, and it may inspire you to add your voice to the protests to save this beautiful place.


We will trek to three villages that have never been visited by trekking companies previously to share in a respectful exchange of culture and fish an endangered fish that is on the bucket list of many fly fishers (catch and release). This is a once in a lifetime trip.


Part of the work that we are doing in Arunachal entails giving back to the people by advocating for no plastic to be brought into the villages. There is a project under way to replace the commerce that is beginning in relation to plastic packaged snack goods with income from buying the villagers wares, with the revenue placed in a fund for medical care and legal advocacy to protect the people and the place. We can only do this work with your help, so join us on this amazing adventure. Come and learn to love this place in the way that we do, and create a magical experience that you will tell your children and grandchildren about. 


Itinerary for Trekking and Rafting in Subansiri Area


Day 1             Arrival at Dibrugarh Mohanbari Airport; met upon arrival and transfer to hotel Rajawas/Natraj/Raj Palace/Devika; O/n (overnight)


Day 2             After breakfast drive from hotel to ferry (45 min approx); take the public ferry across the Brahmaputra (1hr approx) at Bogibeel Ghat to arrive at Kareng Ghat; meet up with jeeps and drive towards Basar (West Siang District A.P) via the township of Silapathar and Assam Arunachal border town of Lekabali; O/n Basar at either Urban Lodge or Mansiri guest house (drive time 6hr approx)


Day 3             Early morning drive from Basar; breakfast at either Tirbin or Dula village (1.5 hr& 2 hr respectively) and keep going to Maro village (Upper Subansiri district A.P) where the road will divert towards Baririjo; O/n Baririjo Govt. guest house/ local house


Day 4             Start trek from Baririjo to Rumte village (3hr or more approx); O/n


Day 5             Trek from Rumte to Lebri village (6hr approx); O/n


Day 6             Trek from Lebri to Laigi village (3hr approx); O/n


Day 7             Trek from Laigi to either Lagbak Gongo or Dipu Gongo village (6 hr approx); O/n


Day 8             Drive from Gongo village to Kuporijo; meet up with raft crew and after getting ready commence rafting on the Subansiri River; O/n camp at either Boka or Starting


Day 9             Raft to Siingun camp


Day 10           Raft from Siingun to either Sibe Rite or Golden pool camp


Day 11           Raft to Raikhok Matha (Demon’s head) camp


Day 12           Raft for about 1 hr to take out at Gerukhamukh Dam site; meet up with jeeps to drive to Pasighat; O/n DH camp


Day 13           Start early to drive to Kareng ghat; take the ferry to Bogibeel to drive to Dibrugarh; O/n hotel


Day 14           Hindu Temple, Tea Gardens


Day 15           Fly out from Dibrugargh Airport


Trekking days will be staying in  villages or camping, and meals will be in the village with the village head.

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