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There is a place in the Northeastern tip of India, where the bow is still used and the spirits of the Earth are sacred. We will be rafting, or the trip is available to expert kayakers... 


A place where the tribes descend from a place deep in Asia, another people, a different world. This place is Arunachal Pradesh, closed off from the world until a decade ago, restricted in access to this day. 


We are going to travel the Siang, the mighty Brahmaputra River that roars and glides from the depths of the Himalaya, deep in Tibet. This sacred river, always in danger of being dammed with the people that live by it moved, their culture wiped away, will share with us its secrets. We will soar over waves and crash through mighty holes as we peer into its depths... Visit a village along the way as we get to know its people, and make friends along the way... as the river bonds us to each other as no other place can.




February 21. 2015 INVITATION ONLY


Itinerary for Siang Trip 2015-2016


Day 1                     Arrival at Dibrugarh airport; met upon arrival and transfer to hotel; o/n Hotel Raja Vaas/ Natraj/ East End/ Little Palace


Day 2                     Drive from Hotel to Bogibeel ferry point (1 hr max); ferry across the Brahmaputra River to Kareng Ghat; meet with the cars on the other side and drive to Pasighat (2 hr); O/n Donyi Hango Lodge


Day 3                     Drive along the Siang valley to Jengging (180km; 8 hr); o/n at Jengging Government circuit house (Basic accommodations)


Day 4                     Drive from Jengging to Tuting (8 hr); O/n Hotel/ Government Inspection Bungalow


Day 5                     After preparation at put in point which will be near the airfield; Raft towards Purung Rapid (4+) and Palsi (Sira Pate) rapid (4+); o/n beach camp between Palsi and Migging


Day 6                     Raft towards Anggong confluence after Migging rapid (4); o/n camp anggong confluence


Day 7                     Raft towards Likor and camp just above Marta Rapid (possible portage)


Day 8                     After tackling Marta Rapid raft towards Ramsing beach camp


Day 9                     Raft beyond Yingkiong to camp at Karko rapid


Day 10                   Raft from Karko to Dite Dime; O/n beach camp on river right 


Day 11                   Raft from Dite Dime to Pangin camp


Day 12                   Raft from Pangin to Pongging village camp


Day 13                   Layover day at Pongging; hike from camp to visit Pongging village


Day 14                   Negotiate Pongging Rapid and paddle towards take out at Rane Ghat, just above the Siang bridge; O/n Donyi Hango Lodge


Day 15                   Drive to Kareng Ghat to ferry across to Bogibeel and to Dibrugarh; o/n Hotel


Day 16                   Fly out from Dibrugarh to New Delhi/ Kolkata


End of Trip

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