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Help! Bend Kayak School is at 130 SW Century Drive Help Us Correct Our Listing on Google Maps: Recei

Google Maps, it is a great tool, unless it directs customers to the wrong location. Google is directing people to another shop in town! We aren't sure how our name ended up being pinned to them, but we would love your help!

Our summer location is 130 SW Century Drive, Bend 99702. Unfortunately, when typing in Bend Kayak School on Google Maps, our customers are being taken somewhere else.

We were recently made aware of this, and have applied to Google to claim our own business and get the location changed on Google Maps. However, it takes a couple of weeks, and in the meantime we are still listed as this other business.

Please go to Google Maps, type in 130 SW Century Drive Bend Oregon 97702, and add Bend Kayak School to the listing. If enough people do that, then Google will look into the situation and correct the listing more quickly so that our customers can find us!

Here is the link: CLICK HERE and adding our business Bend Kayak School Phone: (541) 241-6263 Category: Canoe and Kayak Rentals to the location at 130 SW Century Drive would be a huge help!

Send us a screen shot of the update on our Contact Page and we will send you a $10 Coupon towards a rental!

Thank you so much for your support! We love our community, it is so awesome when we all support each other.

See you on the River!

Bend Kayak Crew

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